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starttls is so named to distinguish it from regular tls, which i assume never starts :blobcatsip:


Conservatives love Disney. Why?

Because Disney teaches the values that they preach: family is important, perhaps above all, strong emphasis on traditional marriage (esp. between Very Young people), and fear of the "other".

It's not subtle, either. Classic Disney -- hell, even a lot of shit from the so-called Disney Renaissance -- strongly reinforces the fear and hatred of anything coded as "other" -- queer, nonwhite, etc.

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me, three years ago: headcanons are fine but you can't just go around proclaiming this stuff as fact

me now: everyone in this show is queer and you can't convince me otherwise

gab, nazis, subtoot / meta, lots of f-bombing, death mention 

hey so gab is fascist as fuck and if you support any fork of an app that explicitly removes a block against gab, spinster, etc., for the sake of free speech and accessibility please get the fuck away from me. don't compare it to making an original app without blocks and not supporting that one. the fucking original put the blocks in and these fucking nazis decided to remove them, then market them on an app store that decided to ~not be political~ and keep them around. it's disgusting.

gab users are people that want me and my friends to be hurt or killed. it's not okay. period.

if i was ipv4 i would simply have more address space

so are the peer tube developers on here?
i want to let them know that i saw the perfect opportunity to promote peertube, because of youtubes fuck ups, but unlike with mastodon i cant because when i go to i find nazi instances literality promoted by the peertube developers, i'm going to assume for now that this is due to incompetence, but if its not fixed then the only people who will want to use peer tube are nazis

One of the most annoying assumptions that liberals and centrists make is that all of the harmful outcomes of public policy were accidental.

catgirl: doc, i can't fall asleep most nights, my brain won't shut off even though it's dark and i'm tired
catgirl: i think i have insomnyaa〜

vet: adorable

catgirl: hey asshole this is actually a major quality of life issue for me

vet: say it again!

catgirl: ugggghhhh
catgirl: fine
catgirl: insomnyaa〜

vet: 😍
vet: ok let's start with a trial pack of Nyaambien to see how you tolerate it

catgirl: i hate that you're the only vet around here that takes my job's nyaansurance

well i got pokémon swoosh

from jb hifi, it was a few dollars cheaper than elsewhere for some reason?

i had a cunning plan to pick up a hat in time if there were a preowned copy there, since that game rules but i don't wanna fund the lead dev? there wasn't one tho

so i got three houses

expect swoosh and three houses videos soon :blobcat_mlem:

trans girl origin story: got bitten by a radioactive girl

as most of my friends can personally attest, being cis is just a phase

the numbers after a bible passage are actually its boosts and faves

can i get a do-over on life pls i misclicked in character creation

hello, police brutality is a euphemism for police terrorism

saying this, she casually threw aside a large rock

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