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i offer you the horse of infinite neighs

Trans people coming out to friends and family ought to be a huge celebration, like Fancy Indian Wedding style

"omg how will I explain this to my kids??"

in elementary school we had a kid named Terrell who declared they were a girl for the day and that their name was Llerret, and pretty much everyone's reaction was "cool okay"
And when they came in the next day and said "I'm Terrell again" everyone was still like "cool okay" and moved on
Kids really don't give a shit unless you tell them they should

*amy wong voice* you're making us look bad in front of the other genders

wish i was one of those gals kissing other gals

*guy who doesn't know how to pluralize quale voice* see is stored in the quals

thinking about how garbage it would be if you were a newborn baby, and a bunch of random smart guys gave you gold, frankincense, and myrrh

you're a baby wtf are you gonna do with gold, frankincense, and myrrh

the world is finally at peace

the horses have taken over and gotten rid of humans

there is only horse now

[PBS Idea Channel voice] Is The Good Place... a Roguelike?

met a really sweet puppy on the way to the bus stop!! gave her pats, and then her human told me that "she likes little ladies"

so that ruled

Be a pronoun professional in three easy steps:
1) Add your pronouns to your profile
2) Discover and use the pronouns people have in their bios before interacting with them
3) If you don't know their preferred pronouns default to they/them and don't presume anything

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