@SuperGideon presumably it/its, since those are the pronouns you used for the tree,

@hoppet what's the effect supposed to be tho

"he can make some rockin beats"?

today video! it's my first thoughts on woodle tree 2, the sequel to last week's game and the one @behold3r was almost certainly recommending to me in the first place!!

it's way better, ny'all

i like it very much


@haskal @hierarchon @hazel @SuricrasiaOnline hmmmm i think that's just spoken language programming

but if you ask me whether asking me to say trans rights five times is spoken language metaprogramming? then that is spoken language metaprogramming

My catgirlfriend (28CG) and I (28NB) have been trying to use a chore wheel, but she has bad luck and keeps landing on vacuum and it isn't getting done. Tips?

haskal tech tip:

if you are a cishet guy and you are telling trans people what pronouns they can and can't use like you know better than them what they want to be referred as that is in fact transphobia
if you think that calling that transphobia is an exaggeration then it's pretty clear you've never in your life stopped to ask an actual trans person what they think about anything

Imagine thinking that Bitcoin, a technology that hinges on everyone having a reciept for every transaction made by anyone in the system, is something inherently hard to trace

@aradinfinity @monorail agreed. and you can't, i tried

you also can't harass him with the nearby wiggler, since he's on a slightly higher ledge

@monorail @Petra good question! i've already been considering collecting get some rest captain toad, and then, incessantly bouncing on captain toad's head in order to prevent him from resting

this is definitely a very ambiguous criterion, a big part of theorycrafting the route is figuring out what counts as wrong

@monorail @Petra yeah i know abt that one too, it's not on the wrong℅ route i have in mind because you need to either grab the multi moon or get all five other moons? and you get a slightly better score by collecting two of three moons wrong rather than three of five

(multi moons still count as one for scoring this, because they still have one name)

@monorail @Petra "secret path to [area name]", and yes, if you get them without going through the painting that counts as wrongly collected

i can get secret path to bubblaine wrongly, and i know it's possible to reach the lake lamode and shiveria ones? they're just way harder

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