dani can intend to play little a dragon quest builders 2 and then record little a video of another game

dani can instead accidentally keep playing little a dragon quest until 2 am

okay so you know how some card and board games have a "legacy" version? where the game tells you to modify or destroy some of its parts during play, so that earlier play sessions affect later ones and you get an experience unique to your particular copy of the game? and also eventually you gotta buy a new copy, which i'm sure the game designers appreciate?

what if the same thing for vcr games

you gotta erase or record stuff over chunks of the tape each time you play, so the tape being played evolves from play session to play session

what if that

@lynnesbian @andre i feel like you probably can do exactly that in sonic 06

i mean, it doesn't have an achievement for it? but the physics engine totally does that

@lynnesbian @andre there are pagies in cagies in both games! impossible lair has many cagies!! :blobcatsurprised:

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