@pea consensual force fem is my favourite kind of force fem

@ben this is also true of my little pony

granted, it's because of cutie marks, but still. weird that it's happened twice

re: lewd, I guess? 

@BestGirlGrace i have absolutely done this before

why the fuck is "the maya mysteriously disappeared" like a thing you hear online in those pseudo science mystery channels??? like, we know where the Maya are, they're in Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize. there's like 6 million people who speak Mayan languages with a clear cultural continuity from like 900ad to modern day through the colonial period. they're right there, you can go talk to them, I'm sure some of them are lovely people

@aradinfinity being fat is extremely good and also tummies are cute

being fat is good actually

even if tummies weren't cute it's easier to be a shape your body finds healthy when you have more to go around than when you have less

but also tummies are cute

re: Fatphobia in trans girls 

@yeenbean oh god that sounds awful :blobcatsadreach:

@aradinfinity idk maybe

i'd probably wanna script it, which i don't normally do :blobcatthinking:

news post came up on the switch telling me i can buy catherine full body now

it actually costs more than super mario odyssey and it's fucking catherine full body

kinda wanna just launch into a rant about that game and call it a video

Whites: We will never know what happened to the American indigenous peoples 😢

Indigenous peoples: Quit telling everyone we're dead!

Whites: Sometimes we can still hear their voices 😩

@activationfxn welcome to himym, it's just like friends except our wacky womaniser is outright fucking evil instead of basically a himbo and we got rid of phoebe entirely because we don't want queer characters i guess

@activationfxn it's baffling that the pseudo-sequel to friends ended up somehow even more unpleasant and offensive

@activationfxn is there a skill involved in that show somewhere

@flussence i kinda actually want a password manager that goes 👀 when you focus a password field tbh

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