just found some amazing news in the art of super mario odyssey?

bowsette was actually invented for odyssey, years before nsmbud

i love her so much

hello yes microsoft? where is the "no and also fuck you" button :blobcattilt:

ummmm are you going to use her name or not

make up your minds

tumblr doing its bi/pan lesbomisia thing 

how do people write out do-not-interact lists that say both "exclusionists" and "bi/pan lesbians" without noticing any cognitive dissonance

do you think meghan mccarthy literally went like

hey remember the one-note villain from equestria girls? what if in the next film, we single-handedly make her the most popular and beloved character in my little pony history

hey nextcloud cuties, is this a problem? do i need to keep waiting for updates for these apps? it's been like this for a fortnight now

i don't really need mail or metadata, i could just switch those off, but i extremely need totp to work :blobcattilt:

yeaaaaah, this one didn't age well :blobcattilt:

i was hoping there'd be something in dave's archive commentary addressing this? but the commentary only currently exists up until about a week before this sub-storyline starts

so um. bleh

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i decided to reread bob and george

it mostly holds up pretty well?

this one sucks though

hey uh

the simpsons episode this nice quote is from? s16e10, "there's something about marrying"

it's really really bad :blobfox0_0:


the conversation that prompted me to asking this question, feat. random man online thinking he gets to decide which words are transmisogynistic slurs, and also some slurs of course :/ 

i know, i know, fuck reddit

honestly though why are people

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me on webtoon: subscribes exclusively to gay trans shit

webtoon: hey you're dude, right

someone just told me that kill la kill is "literally a satire on lewdness in anime"

all i can think is

uh, reddit re: transmisic microaggression vent 

why are trans people on reddit like this :blobcattilt:

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