it's weird that they didn't include the pixls from spm in the template for this one?

maybe a hotter take idk

i haven't played 3d world so maybe it should go somewhere else?

this is all i know about danganronpa and it's staying that way

alt-right cartoon, meant to be queermisiac but is actually completely correct by accident 

this is the reason you can throw a hat in mario odyssey

can you believe that nearly every game on the switch does not allow you to throw a hat

so just found this comment from the author of, pan de peace: gay communist edition

this makes total sense but also i'm so proud of them at the same time? [🖼 :blobhearttranscat:]

woah i didn't know marina splatoon two was an animal crossing villager!!

hahaha wow

word of advice to web developers: pasting from the clipboard into a password field........... is Extremely Good

only thing i don't rly like abt zombieland saga so far is this guy

this is makoto, he's the dude who resurrected all the girls as zombies. somehow. it's not explained in detail, for the lulz.

going in i kinda expected him to be a relatively passive, quiet, voice-of-reason sorta guy? like kyon suzumiyharuhinoyūutsu basically?? that's how the incorrect zombieland saga quotes blog portrays him anyway, and i couldn't see what he looked like there since it's just text

but he's not like that all? he's this loud obnoxious hot-blooded kinda guy who yells at the girls a Lot and i want him to leave them alone

on the bright side

A) he keeps charming ppl into letting the girls perform by being attractive? and the ppl he's charmed include adult men? so that rules
B) sunglasses
C) a couple of episodes in, the girls start punching him when he does something especially dickish. heck yeah

so yeah, this is one of the very first lines in zombieland saga

i know sakura isn't actually The Trans Character but still?? look at that??? what a mood

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