gah, just remembered wanting to find a really obscure programming language ages ago and now i want to find it again

all i can really remember abt it is that it's statically typed, and the manifest type declarations were mandatory, but the names of variables were optional - you were allowed to use the type name instead to refer to a variable holding that type

so something like java's f(Number number) would work, but you could avoid the "stuttering" by leaving out the variable name like f(Number)

and if you had two variables of the same type in scope, you could distinguish them with a sigil on the type, rather than resorting to actually naming your variables? plus(Number, $Number) or something like that

still absolutely no idea what the language was called tho

@00dani I'd love to see that! I've been dreaming about omitting the names instead of the types as well (even started on an experiment a bit, , but bit off more than I could chew and never really got anywhere :)

I'm very curious if you'll find it!

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