apparently the danganronpa games are getting re-released as a compilation for the switch?

*puts on my shirt that reads "chihiro fujisaki is a trans girl, viewed from the perspective of a transmisogynistic author who believes trans girls are just boys in skirts"*

don't make me tap the shirt

selfie, eye contact 

did you think i was just shitposting

@00dani That game is so transphobic and the writing around her is so messy that at the end I was just confused tbh

@witchfynder_finder yeah i don't think kodaka had any idea what he was doing, it's a clusterfuck

my basic take is "this is transmisogynistic so kick kodaka out of the window, chihiro is ours now and we love her" :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@00dani I have no idea what those words mean but I'm here for it

@secretlySamantha the danganronpa series is basically ace attorney but more fucked up? the characters get like. locked into a murder school or something

chihiro fujisaki is a character from the first danganronpa game, she's introduced as a girl but she's a computer programmer so you're intended to think "hey, girls can't program computers, what's going on here". i am not kidding

and then after she gets murdered everyone's like "oh shit it turns out she was amab, let's exclusively call her a boy and use he/him from now on"

debates rage on to this day about whether we should consider her a girl or not :blobcatglaredrink:

re: selfie, eye contact 

@00dani Dani this is so good

Also wow you're so cute ❤️

re: selfie, eye contact 

@ShiningWing :blobcatsurprised:​ you're so good and cute tho

@secretlySamantha ikr :blobcatrainbow:​ i joked about this shirt a few years back ? and then my gf decided to make it real for me because she's amazing :blobfoxaww:


@00dani I honestly can't even view them as that bc the whole thing is unlike anyone's lived experiences

This AMAB character presents fem without HRT or seemingly much effort with makeup, 'transitioned' bc being a 'boy' in a dress & passing as a girl was easier than being a (supposedly) cis boy and expressed a desire to live as a boy...

There's a lot of ways you can read this, but damn this is so divorced from reality. The lengths cis ppl go to to write around trans ppl existing


@00dani this is absolutely not to argue against reclaiming her or anything, just musing on how fucked up the whole framing of her character is.

Oh yeah passing as a girl is so easy. Oh sure it's concievable that someone would choose that over the pressures of being a man. Of course socially transitioning would completely allow her to escape being treated as a boy, that's easy.

It's one of the least realistic things in this series, yet her being trans isn't even considered an option


@00dani I hope my long ranting wasn't unwelcome. That girl deserved better

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