yeah as someone who's mostly pretty good at hard video games, making games easier more accessible is extremely good actually

if you're gonna make a really tough game, go the celeste route and have a bunch of accessibility options to help more people enjoy your game to the extent that they can??? obviously

games having a "story" difficulty setting is extremely good and cool. more of that please

honestly please shoot for ikenfell levels of accessibility options

it's a turn-based rpg with action commands? kinda like the mario rpgs

there's an accessibility option that automatically grants you a basic success on every action command (but lets you try to time an extra-good success), and another that automatically grants you extra-good success on every action command

there's also an option that adds an "instantly win this battle" command to the combat menu, allowing you to proceed past fights entirely and continue with the story

do things like that, every game developer. do it

@00dani hell, SONY should be requiring stuff like that for console certification

@00dani Yes! So much this!

Also check out my pinned toot for my take on this? 😁

@kirby omg i remember seeing your great difficulty menu toot a while ago :blobcat3c:​ it's excellent!

@00dani Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world action game with a Story level of difficulty where combat is made excessively easy. I never had to resort to it to progress, the Easy level was enough for me, but it was a welcome sight that the rich storyline wasn't gatekept by better than average persistence and fine motor skills.

@00dani yeah its really cool and it stops me from getting bored of or frustrated with battles!

I also don't like having to focus too intensely on my games so the option where you automatically hit and can time for greater success is perfect for me

@00dani I just discovered that Baldur's Gate enhanced edition has added a story mode, which sets all the enemies hit points and levels and whatnot to the easy difficulty setting, and makes all of your characters unable to die. Not a bad retrofit for a game that came out in the late 90s.

@00dani I played most of the game with the timing assist off, but then turned it to semi-auto and finally full auto when I got tired of doing it haha

the "instant win" button was handy for redoing the final segment of the game after [spoiler] too

@00dani the instant win option saved me from a very frustrating hour when my game crashed after the second phase of the final boss. i was able to get back to where I was without having to struggle and grind against the boss *a second time* which I may have been a bit underlevelled for

@00dani Not to mention the game has *content warnings* and you can skip pretty much any cutscene.

@00dani Yeah I'm always happy when I can rock a game on Normal but just *having* an easy mode makes me more likely to pay full price for a game since I know...finish it w/out looking up a cheat engine table and arguing with Windows Defender about it.

@00dani I am not going to play a game that doesn't have story difficulty. I only play a couple times a month.

Getting stuck on a really difficult challenge will take me months to get through, or more likely I'll do what I did with Ori and the Blind Forest and just stop playing a game I love because I literally can't.

@00dani I don't think I can put difficulty settings into spy cards online unless I make the bots significantly smarter than they currently are

aphid festival doesn't really need difficulty settings as if you're bad at it it'll only ever really take longer to do what you want, you won't lose progress or anything

the two games in the termacade could definitely use difficulty settings but there's not really any story or rewards locked behind the difficulty; if you can play the first five to ten seconds of mite knight or flower journey, you've probably seen most of what there is to see in the entire game

@ben yeah, i pretty much agree with you on that

bug fables proper does need more accessibility options in my homosexual imho?

borrowing the auto-success on action commands feature from ikenfell would be amazing, since the combat is still an engaging tactical challenge without the part that demands fast reaction times not everyone is capable of :blobcatthinking:

an option to drop enemies' stats, like an "easy mode" medal, would also be worthwhile since the story is locked behind being successful in combat - i think the ability to simplify or remove action commands is probably a more significant accessibility requirement though?

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