actually really hate how windows is so insistent on putting everything into %APPDATA% now

i understand that it's roughly the same place as $XDG_DATA_HOME so apps keeping user data in there is sensible

but for example when i install an app globally into %ProgramFiles% for all users of this computer, the start menu shortcuts absolutely fucking do not belong in my personal %APPDATA%

i may be the only user of this computer, making the erroneous installation into a weird place completely harmless, but it's the principle of the thing


btw the windows 10 start menu also sucks absolute butts in a bunch of other ways

i tried to do that thing where you actually organise your apps into categories? y'know, graphics programs in a graphics folder, system utilities in a utilities folder, all that

you kinda can't do that in windows 10 any more, because the start menu has become incapable of understanding more than exactly one (1) layer of folders

which means "uninstall" and "documentation" and "vlc media player" and "foobar2000" all end up in the "entertainment" folder with no separation, despite actually being in subfolders inside "entertainment" on the filesystem

this os fucking sucks

@00dani i didnt switch to windows 10 until a couple months ago when i finally got new pc

and the thing that irritates me most is i have to right click the start button and click file explorer to like

actually go through files

wheres as in win7 i could just

press windows key
have a load of preset options of different filepaths to go to


@00dani also the ominous "share this in skype that pops up upon right clicking things despite to my knowledge skype not being on my pc at all"

@moonybun it's probably installed the windows store app version of skype automatically without consent

search the start menu for skype, you can uninstall it

it probably will come back though :blobcatglaredrink:

@moonybun the win10 start menu does have those options (on the leftmost column) but does not label them and is far less flexible about which directories are allowed to appear in that list

i hate it

@00dani I’ve given up on the start menu entirely and just use the search function every time. Which means constant switching from mouse to keyboard and back, but it’s still quicker

@ghost_bird i just use the waffle key to open the menu and search to select things, avoiding the mouse entirely

then again, i also use vim :blobcatblep:

@00dani Me too, and I never thought of that - I just kind of edited the waffle key out of my mental map

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