why aren't turbo buttons just a standard feature of all the consoles by now

this is an accessibility nightmare


by the way why are xbox face buttons convex instead of flat or concave??

no other console does this and it just makes your fingers hurt because of the small surface area

it's terrible and they have made three separate generations of console that do this

maybe four, idk whether the series s or whatever keeps doing this

@deejvalen @00dani yeah nintendo controllers have been like that since the wii at least

@deejvalen okay yeah a tiny bit, but xbox face buttons are domes

@00dani its 3rd party but... 'official' but no rumble and wired? 20 bux? hell yes its good

@00dani @deejvalen the series controller isn't that bad, I haven't held an xbone controller in forever so I couldn't compare

@00dani not to discredit your experiences but i think the reason they do it is that it's not common for that to hurt people's fingers

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