Ranking ways that people avoid saying they by oder of best to worst:

  • he or she // a classic, timeless
  • he/she // same as above except it sounds like that slur
  • s/he // efficient, just as many characters as they tho
  • she or he // if you're gonna try to be feminist about it just say they
  • he (or she) // bro what are you even doing
  • she // again I get it you're trying to be cool and feminist, just use they
  • he // only barely valid if you're a textbook from before 1970 and even then fuck you

@dragon so many board game manuals use "neutral" he that one time i just let out an exhausted sigh and didnt say anything and my friend knew exactly what that meant

@sireffe @dragon the rules don't apply to you if you don't use he/him pronouns :akko_guns:


@sireffe @dragon *seto kaiba voice* screw the rules i have they/them pronouns

@00dani @dragon i love this so much also recently i learned that kaiba is my birthday buddy

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