I really like that animal crossing new horizon has a radial menu for selecting tools BUT: I want it to be
- activated by pressing the right joystick
- controlled by the right joystick so you can use it while still running

@masklayer imo it should be hold down right trigger to open the menu, point analog stick to wherever and let go instead of pressing up, moving your thumb to the stick for selecting and then having to press another completely unnecessary button.


@Tom @masklayer yeah this but: if you click the stick rather than hold it, menu stays open until you click it again

bc holding down an analog stick while pointing it at stuff is not the most accessible control scheme

@Tom @masklayer there are actually already actions mapped to both triggers, but the nookphone would be more sensibly mapped to plus or minus rather than zl anyways :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@00dani @masklayer the left shoulder button isn't tho i think? and even if, yeah, the nook phone would be much better suited for dpad up or something else than the trigger lol

@Tom @masklayer yeah afaik l isn't used

might just be something i haven't unlocked yet however

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