i didn't actually see the gender/sexuality chart that ppl are criticising so i'm not entirely sure what exactly it is

this sort of thing seems to happen a lot

@00dani talking about which, is the gender unicorn still a good representation and is it still the one used by people? (I discovered it when I was first looking at trans stuff before questioning my identity, and I like it, just want to know if things have changed since then)


@cesese hmm, i find it at least a little questionable? representing "sex assigned at birth" as a dna helix, but still putting it on that particular part of the unicorn, is very weird for example

genetics has almost nothing to do with assigned gender whatsoever so. yeah it's weird

and i'm not sure splitting physical attraction and emotional attraction is significant outside of aspec situations, which aren't accommodated here at all anyway since both physical and emotional attraction lack a "nobody" option :blobcattilt:

it's a lot better than the other chart being passed around imho, since it doesn't try to put, say, all the genders onto a linear axis

but it's still not ideal :blobcatthinking:

@00dani @cesese
Isn't sex assigned at birth related to genetics? (Aside from exceptions, and even then I can't say it's not related)

And I don't think physical and emotional attraction lack a "nobody" option, you just place all the cursors to the left

@cesese it's really not, nobody checks your chromosomes when you're born to figure out what gender to assign you, and what they do check isn't a remotely reliable indication of your underlying genetics

although yeah i guess you can just put all the cursors to the left for nobody, good point

@00dani What I meant for sex is usually your sex assigned at birth is related to your chromosomes (not talking about gender, I'm talking about the body not the doctors)

@00dani but I get your point and I got your viewpoint, thanks :3

@cesese yeah i know, we're talking about the same thing. assigned sex/gender actually has a lot less to do with chromosomes than is generally believed, even discounting intersex conditions and the like. the idea that there's a chromosome that Decides Your Sex is pretty much a myth :blobcatsurprised:

@00dani do you have any documentation on that?
When I Google it, I find that the SRY gene is the one that determines sex at birth

@00dani I mean after reading more they say it's not absolute but we don't know yet what makes some people have a sex at birth unrelated to this gene
So if we don't know, we can't say it's genes, but we also can't say it's not genes

@00dani @cesese I'm cis as heck, & there's a ton even I can see that's not right. Far less about the unicorn one though.

Not sure what visual shorthand you can even apply to SAaB. Too many squidgy genetic and epigenetic mechanisms and random flukes that converge at the parts under the sticker; too many happentracks and social factors that diverge from there into the approximation you get.

@00dani @cesese Maybe the unicorn's still a useful thought-primer for inquiring folk. Guess that's all one can ask for. The axis one just feels like... wrong axes and terms? Incomplete analysis? The distinct probability that you're not gonna ever be able to boil out anything but an example to discuss and explain your -youness- with, and then discard?

Also horse mouths do not open that way, and I am very glad about this.

(But yes, shushing myself now and listening)

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