i continue not to like super mario 3d land :blobcattilt:

the postgame suuuuuuucks

it's got a set of "special worlds" of roughly the same length as the normal game? but, it's composed almost entirely of exact copies of levels from the base game, with a minor annoying restriction added: a ridiculously small time limit or a cosmic mario chasing you or whatever

and it doesn't even have the decency to admit that these levels are exact copies with minor annoying restrictions added? i mean, the really good mario games do a bit of this too - the comets in galaxy, the six dark side challenge rooms in odyssey - but the comets are explicitly orbiting the original galaxy you already played, and the odyssey moons have extremely similar names to their non-dark counterparts

plus the dark side challenge rooms in odyssey are dramatically different to the original challenge rooms they're based on, due to the outright genius choice of restrictions applied. dark side is fantastic

whereas 3d land's postgame be samey and boring, consisting of more or less just the same levels minus checkpoints to make the time limit more meaningful? :blobcattilt:

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