im replaying pokémon crystal and picked a chikorita, which it turns out makes the game rly hard :blobcatsurprised:

ecruteak is the halfway point for the johto league, which is weird to think about? it really doesn't feel like you've finished half the game at that point

yet if you don't count the postgame stuff you absolutely have? wild :blobcatgoogly:


cianwood is not nearly as difficult to reach as i remembered it being as a baby dani btw

i had no flying types on my original playthrough and had to surf all the way back to olivine despite having the fly badge and hm, and i recall it being quite the ordeal

not sure why? it's just a few screens and you can pretty easily dodge all the trainers if you want

also not sure why i had no flying types

it's hilariously easy to catch a hoothoot on the way to violet city right at the beginning of the game?

i suspect baby dani didn't know how to play pokémon properly yet, although she was at least better than the babier dani who played yellow and just. ran from all the random encounters

yes of course your level five pikachu can't beat the pewter gym, babier dani! you need exp

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surfing is like caves, you run into lots of wild encounters and get disoriented

@00dani baby dani sounds cute :mouse_blob_surprise: would pet and give a cookie

@behold3r a cookie!!! :blobcatpizza:​ i don't have that emojo with a cookie instead of a pizza but you get the idea!!!

@behold3r yes big cookie sliced up with pepperoni on it


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