dang now i feel bad abt not working on my indieweb-capable site for like. a year :blobcattilt:


@00dani counterpoint: I've worked endlessly on the backend and server and formatting, but have yet to really write any blog posts hehe

@petra, it's basically a set of standards you can make your personal site follow to make it federate with other people's personal sites? it's similar to activitypub in a way, but much simpler and focused on single-user personal websites

mastodon does actually use some of the indieweb stuff too, there's a standard called microformats2 that lets you use html classes to describe things like "this part of the page is a blog post and it was written by this person" in a way programs can understand, and masto uses those classes too

@petra there's also:

indieauth, which is the aspect of the system that initially fascinated me: basically it's a simplified and focused version of oauth 2.0 that lets you securely authenticate yourself to arbitrary indieauth-supporting sites using your personal site's url As Your Identity

micropub, which is a protocol for clients to your site to create and edit posts - and support it for example

webmention, which lets you reply to a post on someone else's site by making a post on your site, and is also hilariously simple - you literally just pass your post's url to a particular endpoint on their server to say "hey i just mentioned you lol"

it's neat stuff!

@petra my site at has microformats2 markup on it and fully supports indieauth? however it mostly supports micropub but doesn't let you edit posts, and it sends webmentions but can't receive them

so yeah. a definite work in progress

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