look what i found on clearance!!

this game is absolutely bizarre, it comes with a bluetooth keyboard? but the ds does not have bluetooth support?? so there's actually a teeny bluetooth adapter built into the game card itself

oh yeah i found this too

it cost like a quarter of its recommended retail price, and that's about the maximum i was willing to pay tbh

nintendo really screwed alphadream over by having them put these remakes on the 3ds, huh :blobcattilt:

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@00dani I own this game in Spanish. It has a Spanish keyboard too.

I don't know Spanish.

@00dani damn, that's kinda cool!

also kinda disappointing that the switch game cards most likely don't have enough empty space to house any extra hardware...

@devurandom tbh i bet they stopped putting extra hardware in game cards with the 3ds? since you can't download that extra hardware from the eshop

@00dani Nice find! As wild as the Phantasy Star Online Gamecube controller.

@00dani God I love stuff like this. Like I think I have some Game Boy Advance game which contained an accelerometer in the game card because the console itself didn't. I really really love how Nintendo used to do these things. Sadly, the Switch cards are too small to possibly have anything like that, but the Switch itself is probably flexible enough anyway.

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