using firefox and thunderbird as part of my resolution to only use software that has a fursona

Also, I kinda forgot I love having these actual email clients that, like, download your emails and stuff

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Everything's so fast! You don't have to, like, click on an email and wait for it to come back from the server.

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@BestGirlGrace I'm trying to imagine persuading my work to let us do native programs outside iOS and Android.

Maybe when there's a cross-platform native UI framework---

"Um, actually, Qt and Java---"

---that sucks less than the web.

@vy yeah, that's the giant mood

maybe we went too far in the pursuit of "cross platform", but also when I have to write something that needs a UI, I reach for a website because I don't even know where to start with Qt and I refuse to write Java for fun


@BestGirlGrace @vy there are other languages that run on the jvm tho

clojure and kotlin are nice

@00dani @vy sure, but you still have to, like, install the jvm and stuff

meanwhile, I already have a c[++] compiler, a text editor for yeehawing javascript and html into a website, and c# stuff lying around

@BestGirlGrace @00dani I consider needing the JVM to be a major downside, really.

@00dani @BestGirlGrace Oh, definitely, but I'm specifically talking about its UI bindings, not necessarily the language.

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