fun little PSA for twitter users:

twitter is auto-banning people who post the "shut the fuck up terf" pic with an anime girl holding a gun

so yep, there is an algorithm out there that specifically tracks that image and bans people for using it :V

@EeveeDefender did u know that the girl in the pic is canonically trans btw

she's basically the best trans girl anime has ever had? everyone loves and respects her and it's wonderful

@EeveeDefender watch zombieland saga tbh? not only is lily in it and absolutely wonderful, the show overall is incredibly silly and fun :blobcat3c:

@00dani if i ever decide to watch anime, i'll start with that one

@EeveeDefender excellent, it is the Good Anime™ after all :blobcatcoffee:

@00dani @EeveeDefender you see its the realistic hand holding the gun that makes it extra threatening

@wolfcoder @EeveeDefender i love how the original author used a photo of a clearly fake gun

like, it wouldn't be any more "threatening" with a real gun, it's an anime girl with a realistic hand badly shopped in

but it's just that much funnier that ppl think it's threatening when the gun is Not Even A Real Gun

@00dani @wolfcoder hmmm, i wonder why the same folk who advocate for no gun restrictions would find a fake gun threatening 🤔

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