Dwarf Fortress has announced that they are working on adding trans dwarves, and they'd have added then already of he hadn't overcomplicated his thinking.

.... last time when he added gay dwarves he rewrote a large chuck of the personality system so that gay, lesbian, ace and bi dwarves would all arise naturally from the system, so that kinda makes sense.

Link: twitter.com/Bay12Games/status/



@Canageek this being dwarf fortress, i'm now expecting the procedural generation of randomised genders and neopronouns to be part of what's making this so complicated

dwarf fortress is wonderful

@00dani @Canageek not that. But that thing must have so many moving parts already that every change to it's core assumptions probably means you'll be touching pretty much all of it.

@mGlanzer @00dani no, he touched on that it'll involve touching a lot of other moving parts, but from what I got out of this it's that he's making very complicated because he wants everything to arise naturally

@Canageek @00dani Well, now that makes it sound like a fun project. I guess that's also the kind of mindset that keeps an endeavour like DF going. Really got to admire that guy. 😊

@mGlanzer @00dani See the other posts in this thread about how he made a system so that straight, gay/lesbian, ace and aromantic arise naturally from his sexuality system

@00dani I'm suggesting this to the @Dwarffortress twitter account now, if that is OK

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