riley picked up pokémon let's go eevee and we're playing it now

the co-op mode is? awful? but i'm still enjoying it lmao

player two appears as a second trainer on the overworld, but the camera follows player one only?

and there's no arrow or other indicator to let you know where player two is offscreen, like in odyssey's significantly better co-op mode??

also unlike odyssey, player two cannot actually interact with anything in the overworld

it's amazing

me: okay nintendo, i just want to play co-op without occasionally running into an in-game object i didn't mean to and messing up my co-player
the nintendo devs working on pokémon let's go: :blobcat:


also they messed up the gender thing again, as usual

rather than specifying your binary gender, you choose "what you look like" from eight options? good

however once you have done this, the game just goes ahead and genders you anyway?? depending on whether the appearance you picked was chosen from the four traditionally masculine presenting options, or the four traditionally feminine presenting options???

@00dani they implemented misgendering to make the game more realistic

@behold3r riley is nonbinary and the game called them "my boy" like a dozen times so yes this is literally true

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