vim: copying text is called yanking
emacs: pasting text is called yanking
everyone else: nothing is called yanking oh my god

@pup_hime exactly why no other text editor uses that word

@00dani you can't talk about yanking in here, this is a children's distro

@00dani I like how Americans patriotically call themselves "the masturbators"

@00dani when do we get a cross-compatibility plugin that lets you yank something from vim and then yank it into emacs

@diodelass @00dani I'm pretty sure vim can yank into the system clipboard, so if emacs can yank out of the system clipboard...

@00dani also whatever the other operation is should be called 'yeeting' for completeness

@diodelass @00dani I should see if I can convince TDWTF to use "yeet" instead of "jeff".

@phessler @00dani Yes, exactly. Originally one had to use the yy command, shout "Yoink!" and run away from one's terminal for at least 10 seconds for the operation to complete.

Of course, no one believed this, so they just started calling it yanking.

@phessler @00dani
"This smells like bullshit" you say.
"Why don't you have to do that today? you ask.
1) CPUs are so much faster
2) Everyone uses terminal *emulators*. The emulation is imperfect. It just assumes you have shouted "Yoink!" and run away. It never checks.

@kurtm @phessler what about when i use gvim instead of running vim in a terminal emulator tho

@00dani That is X-Windows fault. Indirectly. See, when X-Windows started, it was common for users to forget to drop the mouse as they started their 10 second run. Many mice were destroyed as were some mouse ports.

This would not do ™️

So, buried deep in the heart of the X Windows code is a workaround that actually sets the system time ahead 10 seconds for gvim. One gvim is satisfied, X Windows restores the time.

What about the shouting? Cheap X Terminals never had microphones.

@00dani look, we use every part of the keyboard, and we have to assign something to y

see also: nethack using q for "quaff" because d is for something else

@00dani vim and emacs are in a war. a war that no one else understands or cares about, but a war nonetheless

@00dani *spacemacs, pointing at Atom*: "yanking!"
me: "no, no it's.."
*sm, pointing at Sublime*: "yanking!"
me: "no, you cannot call eveything yanking"
sm: ...
me: ...
*sm pointing at Xi*: "yanking!!"

@00dani being a stereotypical american is called yanking

plan9: copying text is called snarfing
everyone else: WHAT

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