when i first played super mario rpg i thought it was some kind of demo fan game?? like, an rpg maker game that for some reason ran on the snes somehow

i thought the bit where the title comes up after exor crashes into the castle was the end of the demo

i don't know why

oh wait omg i think i know why????

as a tiny smol dani i played a lot of a freeware game by the name of little fighter 2, which was kind of a streets of rage clone i guess????

and there were a lot of secret characters in lf2, including mario for some reason! and all of his sprites were lifted directly from smrpg for another reason!!

so naturally when i saw those same sprites again in smrpg i thought they were from little fighter 2 :blobcat:

@audrey but then it just kept going after that!!! i was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :blobcatsurprised:

@audrey @00dani i swear if i see one more gay on my timeline i'm gonna melt into a puddle
oops didn't mean to ping dani's website eh whatever

@audrey @00dani @lynnesbian I am one more gay *kisses @slightlyflightyone on the cheek* & am doing my part to make @dev_ponies melt ty

@deme *squees a bit.*
I don't know @dev_ponies yet, but I'm totally here for gaying the place up!

*hugs @audrey, @00dani, and @lynnesbian, offers cheekkisses.*
*pulls @slightlyflightyone close, offers big ol' smooch.*

@koyu @audrey well i was expecting her to be cute!!! and she is!!!! :blobcatsip:

@koyu @audrey y'all gaying up fediverse again with being too cute
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