banning developers from describing their electron-wrapped website as a "desktop app"

@00dani they'd better make PWA support for desktop better, I've got at least one Chrome tab open at all times

@kisik21 i was thinking they could actually make desktop apps instead

better pwa support would be nice too tho

@00dani desktop is haaaaaard! HTML is faster to write and PWAs are simpler than Electron anyway!

@kisik21 @00dani wait. What? I've never heard this perspective before.

Especially with how great GTK and Qt have gotten.

@slightlyflightyone @00dani HTML is just markup. Qt seemed like an endless stuff of signals... GTK... never got it working reliably on Python without spending a ton of time wondering WHICH package I needed to install...

@kisik21 @00dani Are you not even using CSS or JavaScript for your front-end? Because it sounds like these are not apps that need something as heavy as Qt or GTK if so.


CSS is mandatory nowadays... JS? On my site I temporarily use it for webmentions and I use it for fancy Instagram-like multi-photo posts

@00dani What if it's a Qt App compiled to Web Assembly, shown in a browser, wrapped in Electron?

OK, OK, I'll show myself out.

@00dani seriously. If they want to do this, just be honest with yourself and release a Chrome extension.

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