gonna start calling your assigned gender your "baby gender" bc it falls out when u get older like ur baby teeth

@00dani and then u grow up to become

:lazer_t:­:lazer_h:­:lazer_e:­ :lazer_g:­:lazer_e:­:lazer_n:­:lazer_d:­:lazer_a:­:lazer_z:­:lazer_z:­:lazer_l:­:lazer_e:­:lazer_r:­

@00dani [talking to a cis person] "oh you haven't lost your baby gender yet? shouldn't you get that checked out?"

@DangerDyke @00dani it can be a real mess, potentially getting infected if your adult gender gets impacted

@00dani changing gender labels more than once means you have shark genders like ppl w shark teeth get extras

@00dani at least there's no wisdom genders, right? like the really annoying genders that eventually start hurting just by having them around and you have to get surgery to remove them

@page @00dani i didn't even realize how deep what i said was until after i said it

@00dani Does that also work when you get the same gender again in the next round? (unlike teeth) :-)

@irina i guess when ur baby gender falls out u could put it back in if u really wanted to

@00dani I let mine grow and it turned out to be the same type only more sturdy.

@00dani I had to tie my gender to a doorknob and yank it out :blobopenmouth:

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