Just realized the weight of moving the primary location of our source code given the number of links to it out there

And the whole forks ecosystem

And the way commit messages refer to GitHub issue numbers


On the other hand, that's only going to get worse over time - even more links, even more forks, even more commit messages.

And maybe Microsoft won't fuck up GitHub, but sensing this vendor lockin now, what would happen if they do?

So it's probably a band-aid that has to be ripped sooner rather than later. 🤔


Won't the links still be fine anyway?

Just set github to Archive mode/Read only after dumping links all over the Github repo :3

@Sir_Boops Yeah but it's just more click-through. Worried about search results rankings too! The importance of findability cannot be overestimated


@Gargron @Sir_Boops there's also the admittedly unlikely possibility that microsoft ruin github so badly that the links won't be accessible any more :o

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