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danielle~! awooed
danielle~! awooed

All noises are gay noises when you're a lesbian.

i'm not an expert in photography or visual design but i would've thought it'd take more effort to rotate portrait photos into weird landscape photos than to, uh, not do that

huh. i logged into pixelfed on my phone, took a selfie, and it got automatically rotated to landscape

i'm just


like..... every other thing that the opening theme suggests they do actually happens at least once, usually with a cute nod to the fact that it's part of the opening theme

this doesn't. ever. because it's something phineas and ferb would never do. because they are lovely

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Detroit Literally Becomes Human (And Exacts Revenge On An America That Left It To Rot)

it's actually /really weird/ that the p&f opening suggests "driving their sister ins*ne"

phineas and ferb don't /ever/ attempt to antagonise candace, ever? they love their sister? all they ever do is build cool stuff that they're extremely enthusiastic to share with her?

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danielle~! awooed

@00dani @badwrongfun it's impossible to actually know how to use a computer

we just know how to misuse them in the right way to do things :p

not just wednesday tbh

i mean heck, the whole premise of the addams family is that they're a totally healthy and loving family who care deeply for one another, but "normal" people don't like them bc they seem Kind of Weird??

forget the subtext, make them all explicitly queer already

let wednesday addams be a lesbian imho tbqh

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you can't have an AI without a "bad decisions" module
it's the law

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Hey cis allies here's how you can help the fight for trans rights :)

Me in 2014: Use our pronouns! Give your own pronouns in your email signatures to normalize it! Correct other cis people on misgendering!! :) It's easy;

Me now: Communism. Bring about communism.

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danielle~! awooed
danielle~! awooed
danielle~! awooed

Things I hate:
1. capitalism
2. transphobic people
3. JPEG's artifacts

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tired: I googled it
wired: I DuckDuckWent for it