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gays, we're gays, we're the gays! we gay at night we kiss at night, we're the gays

i'm da giant gay dat makes all of da rules

let's see what kind of snuggles we can get ourselves into

dragon quest xi is trying really hard to make me not want to buy it, wow

there's a mandatory (?) section where you go to a sauna, it has separate sections for the Binary Genders, and they're colour-coded blue and red

if you sneak into the "wrong" section, which you can indeed do, you get berated gerudo botw style and then you get an achievement called "where no man has gone before"

i do not like this one bit :blobcatglaredrink:

dang now i feel bad abt not working on my indieweb-capable site for like. a year :blobcattilt:


Daily reminder that Kirby is non-binary and Nintendo America is transphobic.

in europe we say "hello pal"
in america they say "hello ntsc"

is xmonad still viable in current desktop linux

or do you have to use wayland things instead of x things now :blobcatthinking:

People keep saying my comment about Birdland being a white supremacist site is hyperbole, but I'll bet 20 bucks that they've de-platformed more people who openly stand against white supremacy than actual white supremacists.

Ha, that math aint hard on this one.

they added an update to the new pokemon. im in the game! when u walk thru the grass i might bite ur shins and u'll have to go to PokeA&E . sorry

why do the zombieland movies not star lily hoshikawa

what is the Point of zombieland without her

interesting how the top two servers on ( and are both servers with long noted issues with racism and "free speech" types :thonk:

hey, wlw, its ok to wonder if a girl is flirting with you; and its double-ok to ask her if she is. it's nothing to be ashamed of, you're allowed to think of other women romantically and sexually. its okay.

huh. mixer wants me to wait 24 hours for a stream key, for some reason

i already streamed on mixer a while back so i guess they revoked everyone's stream keys at some point? :blobcatgooglyshrug:

boring factual information that isn't jokes 

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