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if anyone asks i was suspended on birdsite for being too cute

terrible gacha game: helo i am a terrible gacha game
me: :blobcatumm:
terrible gacha game: i have cute trans girls
me: :blobcatsurprised::blobcatsurprised::blobcatsurprised::blobcatrainbow::blobcatreach:

there are two wolves inside you. one hates oversexualization. the other loves hot girls and titties. you are gay

i uh

watched a bunch of snapcube videos and she's amazing and now i feel like a pale imitation?

that's imposter syndrome i think

penny snapcube voices blaze in the sonic 06 dub, therefore blaze is a trans lesbian :blobhearttranscat:

she also voices sonic :blobcat3c:

that elementary promotional poster where some bbc sherlock fan changed it to say "not sherlock", except, i have added the words "thank god" after where it says "not sherlock"

gonna start singing "party rockers in the house" every time i see a cute girl in the hopes that she'll correct me and then we'll kiss

sequel post that actually isn't true 

initially I was going to tag this misinfo but apparently this is actually true 

I love my life and I love my girlfriends. I didn't think my life could be this good, that I was doomed to feel like something was wrong with me forever.

1 boost = 1 HRT

Pic is 3 very gay hands holding eachother.

Hahaha.... I can't believe Texans think that CALCULATORS are actually INSTRUMENTS

where did "[character] said trans rights!!!" come from anyway? obviously every character said trans rights but why is it a Thing to say that they said it

i don't think we were doing it a month or so ago, where did it start

discord is still working perfectly for me so i'm rly confused as to what's going on

i've had glasses for months and i still haven't figured out how to make them do the anime thing? y'know, where the lenses go completely white and you look really cool

is there a hidden switch somewhere :blobcatthinking:

*to the tune of cascade kingdom fossil falls* i, am gayyyy, and i think it used to assume

thinkin about princess luna using the royal canterlot voice

to yell about how much she loves girls

we got a new employee at work today

and she's cute?? she got this rly pretty short haircut

heck gosh

say it with me, don't be afraid:

all white people are racist!

until white people no longer benefit from white supremacy in any way, this will always be true. you're not special because you do that thing. if you did it expecting a cookie or a gold star, you're doing it wrong.

it's not good enough to just be "not racist", we need to be anti-racist! we have to dismantle the power structure that allows white supremacy to live.

-- a fellow white person

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