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"im not cute! im not cute!!", i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a catgirl

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gays, we're gays, we're the gays! we gay at night we kiss at night, we're the gays

i'm da giant gay dat makes all of da rules

let's see what kind of snuggles we can get ourselves into

be the gender you want to see in the world

kirby star allies ending thoughts 

eugenics shitpost 

hey new video~ there hasn't been one of those for a while!

anyway i played death road to canada, it's good :blobcat:

how i flirt 

gonna flirt with roko's basilisk bc she's a cutie

be the big titty goth gf you want to see in the world

us pol, silly 

one of the characters in the three houses dlc is called yuri and they're very pretty?

apparently they're a boy but i mean. their name is literally yuri

no it's fine, this is my emotional support catgirl, she can be in here, yes i have a license, actually she does, i'm not well trained enough to hold onto important things

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those evils were probably getting cramped and lonely in that box anyway

roses are red
trans girls are cute
and i shall boop
all of their snoots

mainstream comedian who last had a funny bit in '92: can't even make jokes these days, with all the frickin made up genders!!!


@​00dani@​ -nuzzles and snuggles i'm love cuddle
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