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"im not cute! im not cute!!", i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a catgirl

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gays, we're gays, we're the gays! we gay at night we kiss at night, we're the gays

i'm da giant gay dat makes all of da rules

let's see what kind of snuggles we can get ourselves into

Honestly, cis women are lucky they had a 25 year head start on me.

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trans men are _men_
trans women are _women_
non-binary people are _soft_ and _cool_

i picked up bug fables but i haven't played it yet

i wanna start my ttyd playthru first, for like. comparison reasons? which means working out the audio levels and stuff for dolphin properly. yay,

i knew i was a girl when i was exposed to pink kryptonite and suddenly loved women even more

i am a
⬜ man
⬜ woman
βœ… swerve star

looking for
⬜ men
⬜ women
βœ… bulk stars

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i want a trans and non-binary dating app that's basically just an online kirby air ride city trial matchmaking service

- gay
- dragon
these are just some of the attributes youll experience by following me, a gay dragon

painting 🀝 A warm slice of apple pie
being able to please a person

A can opener 🀝 a canopener
being able to open a can

SCP (secure cuddle protecc) foundation

anyone else find the "traptrix" series of yu-gi-oh cards super uncomfortable

i mean. it's a bunch of cute anime girl cards. that all say "traptrix" on them


animal crossing is a great escapist game because i can finally live out my dream of having a savings account in it

transphobia, burger king 

burger king forced Angela Martinez Gomez to work while she had covid symptoms, and she died of it, yet burger king says she didn't die of covid, but died of her hormone therapy

now the workers are striking in solidarity

fuck BK

there's a my little pony episode where they play dungeons and dragons

it's not called dungeons and dragons

i don't really understand why, since hasbro owns both mlp and d&d?

fuck cops??? whats next? fuck landlords and fuck the military???

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