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if anyone asks i was suspended on birdsite for being too cute

boost this and I'll make a girl in pastel girl off of you! (personality, icon, etc.)

Can't wait to cuddle and get kissed by a cute girl who I like a lot

three billion devices run Java... and you're next

person: i have to restart to play video games
me: ahhh that's windows' fault, use linux
person: my computer is out of space
me: yup, that's because of windows, use linux
person: my wife left me
me: yeah linux patched that a few weeks ago

samus is for the lesbians, dont touch her PRICKS

for some reason you can only put four images in each post so i had to leave two of them out?? here they are

tolja the freedom planet girls are gay and polyam

Some say lesbians are too perfect. Those people are just jealous of how perfect lesbians are. 🤷‍♀️

I asked to become a squid maid, but I didn't know i'd get one (as a girlfriend)!

how are straights even a thing like lmao just be gay

Australias largest open bay has changed how they describe their attraction to multiple genders, they use the name "Great Australian Panght" now

i should've read the terms and conditions, nobody told me this website would actually make me GAYER

I'm so proud of the second longest river in the united states for coming out, he goes by "The Mrissippi" now :blobhearttranscat:

I'm so proud of the largest mountain range in asia for coming out, she goes by "The Heralayas" now :blobhearttranscat:

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