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"im not cute! im not cute!!", i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a catgirl

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gays, we're gays, we're the gays! we gay at night we kiss at night, we're the gays

i'm da giant gay dat makes all of da rules

let's see what kind of snuggles we can get ourselves into

the best part of being trans is getting the big red button that says "destroy western civilization"

Me: *worries about Doctor Who's ratings, user reviews, public perception, how any failing will get blamed on a woman being cast as the Doctor for a change*

Mom: *bursts into the room* "Jodie Whittaker is my favorite Doctor! I love the new season! I like that the Doctor is fun again! Doctor Who says trans rights!" *bursts back out of the room*


me, on a first date, after some smalltalk: so are you, yknow… *gestures around vaguely* dishwasher safe?

I'm gonna make a career out of "being cute". :blobcatuwu:

btw i guess they announced the fifth character in the smash ultimate fighters' pass? i think? i haven't heard who it is tho

probably not madeline celeste

add madeline celeste to smash


she's from an amazing and very popular switch title and we definitely deserve a canonically trans character

@violet @rey cats can have little a software, as a service

hmm am trying out funkwhale and am little a confused

you can upload your own music library without too much hassle, but it doesn't seem to have an easy way to find just your music? i haven't followed anyone else's libraries yet, but the "browse library" page is still showing lots of other users' songs, like a public timeline or whatever?

i guess it wants you to discover other peeps' music, which is fair enough, but the absence of a "just my library" button strikes me as odd :blobcatthinking:​

looks like the piece of shit moderator who used to handle the zombieland saga wikia got banned or something

i fixed lily's page so that it says she's female, without any bullshit about "biological gender", a couple months back?

and it's still there, rather than replaced with incorrect information and some garbage about how correctly gendering a trans character is Too Political, which is what was happening before

so that's nice

If you put curly braces in your programming language, it goes faster

new ace attorney video! the justice for all finale!! :blobcatsurprised:​

this episode does touch on some of the suicide-related content from earlier parts of this case, so, stay safe :o

i'm just saying, if Mario Odyssey has an ancient uninhabited cloud kingdom, it's canon with mario RPG, mallow is dead, the nimbus kingdom caused whatever cataclysm led to the earth being showered in enough moon rocks to create a new worldwide power source, and mario is a title, not a name, so the mario in each game is a different man

i mean, obviously

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