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if anyone asks i was suspended on birdsite for being too cute

new ace attorney video~ it's still rise from the ashes because that case is. vry long

hmm. snuggling with cute trans girls tbh

i turned myself into a trans girl pokémon and i love her

Cute girls think I’m cute and stuff 😊

open for domme 

Have you ever just thought about how cute girls are? Like wow ❤️

antifa kissed my girlfriend on her cute snoot and told her that she's beautiful

  • its not clever to show pictures of me morphing into a cishet
  • its not funny
  • it odes not introduce Beauty into the world

dogs used to say "Arf" and "Bow-Wow" . Now they say cool stuff like "Im pupy"

ive done the research, ive looked at the facts, ive analyzed the hard data and my conclusion is that youre way more cute than i am right now,

im proud to preface all of my posts with the montra of "If you dont like it, Then simply let me know so i can fix it" thats the bread and butter of my acount

i cannot stress enough that my new song "Girl town road" is not influenced by any other songs whatsoever

and another thing: im not blushing. please dont put in the newspaper that i got blushy.

oh wait the guy who made one of those variations of communism and apparently also said some shitty stuff isn't the same guy who completed mario 64 in zero a presses

thank goodness

*picks up the mic*

*tap tap* *ahem*

I have an announcement to make


That is all, have a good night

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