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if anyone asks i was suspended on birdsite for being too cute

Two vast trunkless legs
Two vast trunkless legs
Ye mighty, ye mighty
Involuntarily despair

you tube has very specifically been recommending me videos of mario not getting coins so clearly the data indicates im some sort of communist

if you dont down load the latest versions of all your programs youre fucking valid

I just looked down and saw this and it's the one of the most lesbian culture pictures I've ever seen.

[ASMR] girlfriends gay giggling in a car | 26:35:48

@00dani me: okay macos, i just want to middle click

macos: 🔪

me: okay macos, i just want scrolling to actually be "natural" with both this mouse wheel and that trackpad gesture
macos: :blobcat:

doki doki literature club mod that makes everyone in the club date and also lets the player character transition

One Pokémon I really fucking want:

trans rights sylveon

the little mermaid as trans girl tbh imho
also she's a nonbinary trans girl pokémon and i love her too

socialise cappy, she's too good to belong to nintendo

free healthcare for ever. if you disagree with that, unfollow immediately.

Women’s sports? Gay.

Women’s basketball, in particular? That’s like, GAY gay.

So tall... big hands... yes 😍

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