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if anyone asks i was suspended on birdsite for being too cute

it's kinda funny how small a role the odyssey plays in super mario odyssey when you think about it?

in sunshine the primary collectible was shines, in the galaxy games all the levels were galaxies

the odyssey just lets you select levels, and because odyssey has a smaller number of gigantic levels instead of lots of smaller levels you don't actually need to use it that much? i love it, it's a wonderful vehicle and the story's third protagonist imho, but it doesn't play that large a role in gameplay

calling it like. super mario haberdashery? would've more accurately described the game's contents

i like how amazed dad is every time he sees i'm playing odyssey and there's just completely different stuff going on

granted part of the reason for the game's longevity is that i've just started it over like five times?

but if you think about it, me wanting to do that is a testament to how much it rules

they told me on reddit that it wasn't valid to be a gay bitch... please give me one uptoot if you think there wrong!

it's okay i wasn't interested anyways but i think it's kinda funny that they sent it out so late

jb hifi sent me a promotional offer today

the offer ended today


omg i can't look at gbstudio dot dev because like many software devs, i pointed *.dev at my localhost

whoops lol

Me: you gotta respect everyone's gender!!!

Also me: being cis is for fucking losers 😎

abt to watch a review of a "mirrorless camera"

i sure hope the fact that it can photograph vampires is one of the selling points

The real reason getting your gender recognition certificate in the UK is tough is that you have to wait for JK Rowling to tweet that you were trans all along.

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