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if anyone asks i was suspended on birdsite for being too cute

obviously there's a regular sized luke and a smoler luke. come on.

people on twitter big mad at me for saying pikachus were gay but you know fucking what? Gay Pikachus

media: socialists are using "masstodon" to communicate, almost certainly about how they can take down america from within
socialists: headpats are stored on the me :blobcatmelt:

harry poettering and the [discussion locked and limited to contributors]

the playstation 2 port of super mario 64 used the underutilised dualshock button pressure sensitivity feature to detect half-A presses

me: trans girls don't just sit around playing with their boobs all the time
also me: wheee they're so jiggly :blobcat:

"all you ever talk about is being trans"
- people who literally only talk about being cis

idk in theory the idea of snooz while snuggled with ur girls is. real nice

and i rlly wanna like it??

but i kinda,,,,, don't,,, and i'm feelin? guilty? :/

is - is it weird that i rlly prefer sleeping alone

all the gfs wanna snuggle sleep?? and i love snuggles

but i just, want a bed to myself for sleeps,

is that weird

rewarched the matrix, ostensibly with natsumi but she kinda fell asleep

anyway this movie is great. neo and trinity are the cutest gfs

this just in: girls. we'll cover this story as it develops

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i just saw two girls talking to each other so they're probably gay right

what do you call a redhaired person who looks exactly like another redhaired person Show more

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